WordPress Penetration Testing

In-depth vulnerability assessments to protect your site from hackers.

What’s Included?

We partnered with Beagle Security, which is an online vulnerability testing platform that automatically scans your web application to identify open threats.

In-depth AI-powered penetration testing and vulnerability assessments will be run on your WordPress website, for extra security. These tests help find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities on your website.

Your web application will undergo several penetration testing procedures to understand how deep it can be hacked. The vulnerability repository is updated frequently, to make sure that it always discovers the latest security threats.

Assessments are manually reviewed and approved upon completion. You will also be sent an in-depth report with details of the automated tests. If any potential issues are found, we’ll fix them for you.

Intelligent Security

AI-powered technology to cut down false positives.

OWASP Top 10

Identify vulnerabilities documented by OWASP Top 10.


Find SANS 25 vulnerabilities present on your website.

Numerous Test Cases

OWASP, SANS 25 and lots of other custom test cases.

Security Compliance

Keep compliant with global security standards.

WordPress Security Testing

Find attack vectors that WordPress scanners fail to detect.

About Beagle Security

Beagle Security empower businesses to proactively tackle cyber threats, by offering a vulnerability testing tool that automatically runs advanced penetration tests and vulnerability assessments on your website.

Normally worth up to $1188/year, we include all Beagle Security “Standard” website penetration testing features (maximum of 1 scan every 3 months), FREE with our Enterprise care plan!

Beagle certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to perform penetration testing on my website? Will it have any affect my live website?

The penetration testing will take place on a staging environment. Since tests need to be thorough to make sure that all the instances that a hacker might execute are covered, there are certain risks involved with performing these tests on your live site (downtime or things breaking), so we will only perform these tests on a staging copy of your site as a precaution. Therefore, there will be no negative affect or unintended changes on your live site.

How long do penetration tests take to complete? How and when will I receive the results?

The duration of a security test can variety depending on multiple factors, such as the size of your website, and server response times, however a full penetration test can take from anywhere between a few hours up to 3 days to complete. Upon request, we manually setup a staging site, and trigger the penetration tests for this, and will send the results to you via email upon completion. If any fixes are required, we work on them right away.

What makes penetration testing different from typical malware scanning?

Malware scanners help you to block or remove malware from your website.

What penetration testing does is help to proactively find security weaknesses on your website and gives recommendations on how you can fix them. Therefore, attackers will find it hard to inject malware in any way.

We already have firewalls for our website, why do we need penetration testing too?

Firewalls help block malicious attacks in real-time. They check for any malware in your server and block unwanted requests. They check if any hacker or any unwanted software is able to inject malware into your server. Penetration testing checks your website and finds any possible loopholes that hackers may try to compromise, if they are somehow able to bypass the firewalls.

What happens if issues/vulnerabilities are found through the penetration tests?

If vulnerabilities are found, we will fix them for you. If the fixes required are small, they are completely covered by your care plans “unlimited free small tasks”. If they fixes required are more advanced (take longer than 30 minutes), then we can instead use some of the free monthly “development hours” included in the care plan.

Do I get access to the penetration test results upon completion?

Yes, upon completion of the testing, and manual approval by our team, you will be sent a detailed PDF report detailing the results from the test, and potential vulnerabilities that were found (and if they have been fixed). Currently however, we are not able to give you access to the Beagle Security dashboard.

Getting Started

We include all Beagle Security “Standard” features, with in-depth penetration tests, and all required fixes taken care of by our team, FREE with our Enterprise care plan. Click here to view our plans and to get started.