WordPress Development Hours

In addition to our WordPress maintenance services, we also offer one-off WordPress “development hours” which can be purchased at any time to be used for any additional maintenance or support tasks, as well as more advanced development and custom coding work for your WordPress website which isn’t usually supported by “maintenance tasks”.

Development hours do not expire if you have an active maintenance plan. Otherwise if you do not current have a plan, they are available for up to 6 months from your last purchase, or from when you cancel your plan. You may request tasks to be completed whenever required via our support system, consuming some of your time.

The minimum length a task can take is 30 minutes.

Time must be purchased upfront before any work is completed. Contact us if you are unsure how much time is needed. If you are on one of our plans, your free “maintenance” time will be used first (for eligible tasks) before extra development time.

If you don’t have an active plan with us, a minimum purchase of 2 hours is required upfront per order.

Price: £60 + VAT per hour

5% discount available when you purchase at-least 10 hours in a single order.

Looking for help with a single one-off task? Click here.