WordPress Development Hours

In addition to our WordPress maintenance services, we also provide one-off “development hours” which can be purchased for advanced development, technical SEO and custom coding work, which isn’t usually supported by “small maintenance tasks” included in care plans. For full website design projects, click here.

2 Hours

$220£160 + VAT

($110 Per Hour)(£80 Per Hour)


5 Hours

$550£400 + VAT

($110 Per Hour)(£80 Per Hour)


10 Hours

$1000£750 + VAT

($100 Per Hour)(£75 Per Hour)


15 Hours

$1500£1125 + VAT

($100 Per Hour)(£75 Per Hour)


What kind of work does this cover?

Development hours can cover almost any type of development and support work for your WordPress website, whether that’s advanced custom coding, technical SEO, or just small fixes. All work is completed by one of our experienced UK based WordPress developers.

Website Page Design

Custom WordPress Coding

Technical SEO Fixes

Custom Page Elements/Blocks

WordPress Bug Fixes

General Website Updates

Custom Plugin Development

Custom Plugin Extensions

Theme Customisations

How long will it take?

Completion times can vary based on our current availability, and your responsiveness.
However, as a rough estimate, you can expect on average around 1 business day per 1 hour of work.
For example, if you required 4 development hours of work, this will likely take up to 4 business days to complete.
If you have an urgent deadline, let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate as best we can.

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