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We'll take care of everything
so you can focus on your business.

Taking the stress off your shoulders, we’ll manage and maintain your WordPress sites for you. Choose us and enjoy the peace of mind that your site’s being well looked after, every day.

What’s Included?

Unlimited Tasks For
Maintenance & Changes

Need help maintaining your WordPress website? Our Professional and Enterprise plans include unlimited free small site tasks. This allows you to get in touch with your maintenance tasks any time! The Standard plan includes 1 free task per month. See FAQ: What do “Maintenance Tasks” cover?

Ongoing Expert UK
WordPress Support

Expert UK based WordPress support. Get in touch via our easy to use support system, with any WordPress or general website queries/questions you may have, and we’d be happy to help. Looking for plugin suggestions, need some site changes, don’t know how to do something, just ask!

WordPress Updates

When new versions of WordPress core or any of your plugins come out, updates will be handled for you, every week, ensuring you’re running the latest version! We can also manage theme updates if required, if you have the theme license & downloads available, and are setup with a child theme (we can help with that).

If we detect that you have plugins installed that have an emergency security patch available for you, we’ll update this for you sooner.


Want to know the technical details? Here’s how it works

  • 1. We create a backup “restore point”, so we can easily roll back the updates, incase something goes wrong.
  • 2. We send a HTTP request to the website. If it’s not “200 OK”, we stop the process and look into it.
  • 3. Our system grabs a “before” screenshot of your website. We will later compare it with the “after” screenshot to spot any inconsistencies.
  • 4. We run safe updates for your plugins and theme.
  • 5. We send another HTTP request to the website. If the response isn’t 200 OK, we’ll get it fixed.
  • 6. Roll back on error – If preferred, we can automatically (or manually) roll back your site to the restore point, if we detect a 4xx-5xx HTTP response. However, we will be notified instantly of any errors, and will get right on it and fix it for you.
  • 7. After updates are complete, we grab an “after” page screenshot.
  • 8. We will then check the screenshot comparison to see if there are any changes.
  • 9. Finally, as a last precaution soon after the updates are complete, we (a human) will manually visit your website, and have a quick look through, to make sure everything looks to be working OK. If changes are detected by the visual comparison, we’ll look into that further and fix the issues if any are found.

A few other things…

  • Our 24/7 uptime monitoring system, checking your site every minute of every day, will also notify us instantly if it happens to go down for more than 15 seconds, due to an update, or any other reason. If that’s the case, we’ll look into it as soon as possible. You can also view live uptime monitoring data on the RelyWP client area.
  • On some occasions, with major WordPress core updates (such as a new major release of WordPress), and major PHP updates, we will test your site on a staging site before updating your live site.

We will perform WordPress Speed Optimisations on your WordPress to make your site blazing fast, and make sure nothing is slowing it down. This also includes a free official license of the premium WP Rocket plugin to help with GZIP Compression, Minification / Concatenation, Browser Caching, Database Optimization Fonts Optimization and more. Your website will also be frequently optimised on a weekly basis, to help increase performance. This includes clearing spam, optimising the code & database and more.

Weekly Website
Performance Scans

Your websites performance will be frequently monitored to ensure it is running at its best potential and to see what could be causing issues. We will perform a weekly scan of your website performance.

Detailed Weekly
Website Reports

You will be sent a weekly report regarding your sites Security and Performance Scans, SEO rankings, up-time percentages, analytics, optimisations, latest plugin updates, recent maintenance tasks and more!

Daily Secure
Off-Site Backups

Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed up every single night on a secure off-site location, Amazon S3. You can request a download or restore of a backup any time.

24/7 Uptime

Every minute our system will check if your website is down or having problems. If so, we’ll be notified instantly, and will fix it for you as soon as possible.

Technical SEO
Cleanups & Support

On our Enterprise plan, we’ll complete monthly SEO audits for your site, along with technical SEO cleanups and optimisations to help kickstart your SEO. You’ll also get access to our SEO & Marketing analytics dashboard. Also, with our Professional plan, you’ll get some basic SEO features such as a free premium SEO plugin including configuration, to make sure your website is being indexed properly by search engines such as Google, and weekly SEO rankings updates.

Free Premium WordPress
Plugins (£1500+ Value)

Included in Professional & Enterprise Plans.
Free access and installation of over £1500+ worth of premium WordPress plugins with valid license and updates. Includes WP Rocket, WP Smush Pro, Smartcrawl Pro, Hustle Pro & more.

Simple & Easy
Support System

We have built a custom support dashboard to make the setup, management and support for the websites on your maintenance plans super easy. Additionally, our new support tool also gives you an incredibly easy way to securely submit support your tasks and questions to us, directly on your website. This takes literally a few seconds to submit your changes, which is much easier than using clunky email communication. See our demo video here. If we are available, and you have a quick question, you can also start a secure live chat with us directly on your WP admin dashboard, or our client area.