Analytics Dashboard

Our Analytics Dashboard allows you to keep track of your website SEO, as well as Google Analytics, Backlink Monitoring, PPC analytics, Social Media Analytics, Competitor Tracking, Email Marketing and more for your WordPress website.

SEO & Marketing Dashboard

Monthly Analytics Reports

A detailed report will be sent to your email every month based on the data from your anaytics dashboard, and the most recent SEO audit. Your reports can also be downloaded on your dashboard.

Monthly Website SEO Audits

We will perform a monthly SEO audit of your website, auditing up to 5000 pages/posts for potential SEO issues or improvements. Results are included in your monthly SEO & Marketing Report and visible on your SEO dashboard. Your unlimited “maintenance tasks” included in the care plan can be used to implement the SEO improvements that our monthly audits recommend.

Daily SEO Keyword Rankings

Keep track of daily Google ranking updates for up to 100 keywords, with comprehensive analytics.


You can connect Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email campaigns, PPC advertising platforms, for more detailed analytics reports, and includes over 30 other popular app integrations.

Feel free to contact us for a free trial of our dashboard for your website.

The analytics dashboard is included in our enterprise WordPress care plan.