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Frequently Asked Question

What do “maintenance tasks” cover?

Maintenance tasks cover a variety of services, including content and image changes on any page / post / product / header / footer, plugin setup and installation, changing plugin settings, small theme design & css tweaks, small code changes, adding a new simple page (or copy of existing page template), formatting a page, general optimisations and more! Essentially, any small WordPress task that would fit within about 30 minutes per task is usually acceptable.

Maintenance tasks do not cover graphics design work, advanced SEO work (unless on the Growth plan), advanced theme design customisations, custom coding of new functionality (plugins, themes etc), PSD to WordPress, or anything that leads to design and/or development of a new website.

What if I require more advanced tasks?

If you require more advanced support or development work, for anything that’s not covered by maintenance tasks, you can purchase additional development hours at your hourly rate of £60 + VAT per hour.

How many tasks can I submit at once?

Although you can submit as many tasks as you wish at once via our support tool, you will have a single developer that will work on them, one task at a time in order of submission. We will usually be able to complete anywhere around 1 – 2 tasks per business day, per website (depending on the size of the tasks). We may be able to complete more than this if they are just quick edits.

What are your business hours?

Click here to view our business hours.

Task Examples

Here are a few examples of allowed maintenance tasks:

Task Example 1

– Included: You want us to setup/create a new post or page for your website, copying one of your existing page templates (or a simple text page), and editing the text and images. You will provide the content and images ready to be imported into WordPress, with full instructions.

– Not Included: You want us to create and design a brand new page for you, choose your images, and write the content of the pages, without any instructions.

Task Example 2

– Included: You want us to edit the content of an existing post or page, or add a new section to the page using an existing page element.

– Not Included: You want us to create new content for your pages or posts.

Task Example 3

– Included: You want us to add a new product to your WooCommerce store, with your existing products template, in which you will provide all the content and images, with clear instructions.

– Not Included: You want us to create a brand new product page template design, or brand new checkout process design for your WooCommerce store.

Task Example 4

– Included: You want us to install an existing WordPress plugin on your website, and configure its settings, to use its existing functionality. If it’s a premium plugin, you will provide the valid licence for the plugin.

– Not Included: You want us to develop a custom plugin or advanced functionality for your website, which isn’t available via an existing plugin. (This can be done via development hours.)

Task Example 5

– Included: You want us to make some small theme css changes to your website, to improve the look of your existing site, such as changing colors, buttons, fonts, borders, spacing etc.

– Not Included: You want us to develop a brand new theme for your website, or make larger theme adjustments such as creating a completely new header design.

If a task is not covered by “maintenance tasks”, we may be able to complete it via additional development hours.



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