Managed WordPress Updates

We take care of your WordPress plugin, theme and core updates weekly.

Our process will ensure your website updates are taken care of safely and efficiently, every time.


What’s the Process?

1. Backup

We start by creating a full backup restore point of your website, so we can easily roll back the updates, in-case something goes wrong.

2. First Check

We initially send a HTTP request to your website to check that it's working OK, then we grab an initial "before" screenshot of your site to compare later.

3. Safe Updates

Once the initial backups and checks are complete, we the run each of the plugin and theme updates on your website safely.

4. Success Check

Upon completion, we'll send another HTTP check, grab an "after" page screenshot, and compare that with the "before" screenshot. We'll also manually check your site shortly after.

What if my site breaks during updates?

If at any point during the update process our HTTP checks fail, or screenshot comparisons detect issues, then we’ll be instantly alerted, and will either revert your website to previous the backup, or fix the issue for you.

Can you update my plugins on a staging site first?

Yes! (Coming Soon) If your website is hosted on our managed VPS hosting platform, your site gets copied to a separate staging (canary) site on the server each day, then we’ll run the updates with screenshot comparison tests, to make sure it all looks to be working OK. If all looks good, we’ll run this same update process on the live site.

More Information

Weekly Updates

We take care of your all your WordPress updates every week, to ensure your software is kept up to date with the latest security patches, and bug fixes.

Safe & Secure

Our process ensures your website updates are run in a safely and securely, with full backups, along with comparison tests before and after the updates.

Safe Rollbacks

With the real-time backups in our Enterprise plan, we can run 'safe rollbacks' if needed, which only rolls back the changes that happened during the update!

Unlimited Sites

Whether you have 1 or 100's of sites, we've got your covered. Our system is built to scale, so we can handle hundreds, or even thousands of sites at once. See our white label plans.

“Absolutely fabulous! Quick response and always there to help. Highly recommended.”

Gemma Tsiopani, Little Gems Online.

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